Greater Lansing DSA Endorses Michael Ruddock for City Council

michael ruddock for lansing city council at-large

The City of Lansing needs leadership that will turn the development of the city away from a neoliberal model and towards a model of urban renewal that puts the people of Lansing at the center of the process. We also need leadership that is 100% committed to keeping our commitments to city workers and keeping the Board of Water & Light in public hands. The Greater Lansing Democratic Socialists of America is thrilled to have received responses from several candidates to a questionnaire that we sent out to all city council candidates. After considering the responses, we feel that Michael Ruddock is the at-large candidate that can best turn our vision for Lansing into a reality, noting the consistency of his campaign messaging with his responses and the coalescence of support from grassroots community organizers around his campaign, and we therefore enthusiastically endorse his campaign.