News & Updates

  • Greater Lansing DSA Endorses Michael Ruddock for City Council - The City of Lansing needs leadership that will turn the development of the city away from a neoliberal model and towards a model of urban renewal that puts the people of Lansing at the center of the process. We also need leadership that is 100% committed to keeping our commitments to city workers and keeping... Read more »
  • Lansing Candidates Respond to Questionnaire - Five Lansing City Council candidates responded to a questionnaire sent out by the Greater Lansing DSA. The primary will be held August 8, 2017, and the general election will be November 7. AR: Alex Rusek [at-large] ( YJ: Yanice Jackson [at-large] ( MR: Michael Ruddock [at-large] ( GL: Guillermo Lopez [at-large] ( JD: Jim DeLine... Read more »